Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One Where Jenni Scratches Her Eyes Out

Hello Friends,

  I suppose, following up from yesterday's rough morning,  I can completely, 100%, totally, utterly and fo shizzle say that I am completely, 100%, totally, utterly and fo shizzle DONE with Winter.  We are one month into it and I'm done.  My skin itches so badly that I'm going to give myself some kind of weird infection that comes from open wounds that come into contact with the air when you're mucking out a barn.  DUDE... I KNOW, it is terribly gross, right?  I'm LIVING WITH THIS! It is horrible.  I need sunshine.  The sun shined for like 10 minutes two Sundays ago.  Nothing since then... and I'm waiting...

   Sam is so ready for Winter to be over, he is, at this very moment, setting up a tent in the living room to sleep in because he is "SOOOOO BOREDDDDDDD"

 I spent 20 minutes this morning, drinking my pomegranate white tea (from Trader Joes- best stuff ever but the blasted place is 3 1/2 hours away from me and I can't exactly drive out there every time I run out, can't buy it online and I bought the last 7 boxes they had last time I was there and I only have a few precious tea bags left...just sayin') anyhow... I spent 20 stinking minutes looking at the vitamin C bottle... it is a nice cheery orange color.  I have freaking oranges and bananas and apples on the counter, laying around to remind me sunnier days are ahead... the vitamin C bottle is there too.  It isn't working. 

  Everything outside is icy, can't go for a nice long walk.  I'm afraid I'll break a hip or an arm. Seriously... girl is that klutzy... So I take my vitamin D, look at the vitamin C bottle, put fruit in the path of destruction, walk the dogs (a perilous situation, but it does, alas, have to be done) a couple times a day, drink lots of water, laugh at my weird kid setting up a tent and think about happier days.  Don't get me wrong... I'm not really prone to depression outside of the usual situational type of depression (Here I am 29 years old and I've lived through 29 God-forsaken Illinois Winters.  Heh heh...29, that made me laugh.) 

  I have a hangnail. It hurts and I just chopped garlic for pizza sauce.  Sam's grinning like a Cheshire cat that he's got an extra pillow in the freakin' tent.  My butt is NOT sleeping on the floor tonight.

  And, just out of curiosity, if someone (who shall remain nameless) comes home (late) and says "see ya when you get back" to his wife (darn), and when wifey gets back from her meeting and the nameless one is all ticky at her because he forgot to take the basketballs out of the trunk... who's fault is that exactly?  I REALLY don't need HIM being Princess Mood Swing when I'm trying so hard to not be Princess Mood Swing.

  And my eyeballs itch. 


  1. Oh.My.Word! Poor, itchy, scratchy, klutzy you! I just want to reach across the miles and hug you really, really tight. Then we can leave all the boys with the men (oh my) and drive 3.5 hours to Trader Joe's together so you can get some more tea bags, OK? I am praying sunshine from Heaven down to your soul. Hugs to you, mama! You're the best. Oh, and 10 bucks says you end up sleeping on the floor with Mr Cheshire cat. Just sayin'

  2. Oh Jenni, I WUV YOU! I have the same feelings about Winter. I've hated it for as long as I can remember, and yet I always start out each Winter trying the make the best of it. And every Winter I FAIL. I actually cried the other morning as I got into my van to go to work. I cried because I'm sick of the dark and the cold and most of all because I have Raynaud's and I left my gloves in the house and was running late and did NOT have time to skate all the way across the yard and back into the house for them. :( I will lift you up in my prayers and would love it if you could do the same. No matter what, God is always faithful! <3

  3. Also, it is completely BOGUS that your tea is not available to purchase online! In this computer age it is hard for me to comprehend why anything would not be offered for sale somewhere, someway online. They need to get with the 21st! Sheesh! LOL