Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alternative Uses For Everyday Items

 Hello Friends!

  As most of my family is moaning and groaning because of the nasty head cold we've all got (the moaning and groaning ones are, needless to say, the boys), I was thinking of the alternative remedies we use for different conditions and thought I'd share some of those along with other alternative uses for ordinary items.  I love things that do double duty!  Letting items do double duty saves time (not as many items to shop for), money (don't have to buy as many things) and best of all, you don't have to use all of the chemicals to accomplish cleaning oriented tasks.

I'll start with a disclaimer that I'm not a doctor and the views and methods contained in the following are the opinion of this writer only and in the event of a medical emergency, head cold, heart attack, gallbladder problems, ingrown toenails, the flu, gout, hives, hangnails or any other malady, you should contact your medical provider and/or use sufficient common sense in treating your condition.  The advice contained herein does not represent the mainstream medical guidelines and is, therefore, probably considered "fringe" which will put me on yet another "watch list" - along with the ones I'm on for not vaccinating my children, homeschooling, being an unapologetic Christian, growing my family's food, raising and butchering our own organic meat and raising animals that provide raw milk which we consume.  That said.... We do believe in antibiotics when indicated, we go to the doctor when sick (pretty much only because of involved medical conditions my children have, if seizures didn't complicate everything, we'd not be at the doc too often), but we believe that healing and staying healthy through natural hygiene and natural foods are the best medicine.

For immune support all year round, (with increases in the Winter months), we liberally use raw garlic and onions, vitamin D3 and Vitamin C supplements and elderberry syrup.  Echinacea tea helps too.  Raw Ginger made into a tea or in homemade salad dressings can help with an upset tummy.  Younger children may like candied ginger to chew on, but the taste is rather strong, and I tend to stay away from the sugar in general, but especially when there is a viral infection (cold/flu) going on.  Adding honey and lemon to your hot tea will help soothe a sore throat.   Homemade juice popsicles can help lower a fever and get fluids into your little one when they don't feel like drinking.

   My recipe for Homemade Electrolyte Replacement drink follows.  Much cheaper and healthier then buying artificially flavored sports drinks and very important when trying to keep hydrated.  Of note, foods such as avocados, bananas, yogurt and citrus fruits are also high in electrolytes, but if you need a liquid for hydration, this is the way to go.

   1 Quart Distilled Water (distilled really is best, filtered is a satisfactory substitute)

   Juice of 1 lemon OR lime

  Juice of 1-2 oranges

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp.  salt substitute (make sure it says potassium on the label)

You can also add a 1 - 2 Tablespoons of sugar if you need for flavor.

Mix it all together and refrigerate.  You can also make this into popsicles.

Pure coconut milk (sold as coconut water at health food stores) is also an excellent electrolyte replacement solution.

 Now onto the other stuff....

Hydrogen Peroxide
 *mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 1 part water for an oral rinse
 *put peroxide into a spray bottle (be sure to label bottle) to spray & wipe surfaces to disinfect
*pour on blood stains on clothing to remove stain

 *whiten fingernails by rubbing a wedge of lemon over them
* use a wedge of lemon to clean soft cheeses or sticky foods off of a grater
 *put a couple wedges of lemon (squeezed the juice into) a glass coffee pot, add a few ice cubes and salt
   and swirl around for a sparkly clean coffee pot

Olive Oil
 *polish wood furniture with a bit of olive oil on a soft cloth
*coat measuring cups with olive oil when you need to measure something sticky such as honey  or  mustards,  the sticky liquids will come out easily
*control frizzy hair by combing  a bit of olive oil through dry hair

Aluminum Foil
 *keep birds out of your fruit trees by hanging twisted strips of foil on the branches - use fishing line to secure
 *sharpen your scissors by cutting through 6 or 8 layers of foil

Alka Seltzer
 *clean a toilet- drop in two tablets, wait 20 minutes, brush and flush.
* remove burned food from pots and pans - fill cookware with warm water, dissolve 4-6 tablets in it and let it
  sit for an hour before scrubbing

 *polish leather shoes with a destringed banana peel. Buff with a soft soft cloth or towel.
 *rub a scraped knee with the inside of a banana peel to promote healing
 *deter aphids by burying dried or cut up banana peels a few inches deep around rosebushes.

Be Well, My Friends.  Be blessed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.


  1. Love it! More please!!!

    Hope y'all get on the mend soon

  2. Thanks for the electrolyte information. After having to make a midnight run for gatorade for hubby a week ago, I was thinking there HAS to be a better solution.