Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lessons I've Learned

Hello Friends,

 I hope you're having a blessed Sunday. We've missed church today because of sick children.  So I turned on the radio and listened to some of my favorite Praise & Worship music while I was doing dishes and cleaning up.  Praising God always clears my head and gets me ready for the week ahead.  I prefer to do this at church, with my amazing Church Family and have fellowship and connection time, but some days, that just can't happen.  So, Jonah is resting, Sam's playing legos and I am getting ready to lay down with Sam for a nap that we both need.  This head cold is winning the battle... I will win the war... but this battle is still on going.

  I have come up with a list of things I've learned in my 29 years on this planet (uhhhh.....yeah).  Some are serious, some are fun, all are true in my world.  What lessons can you share that are truths for your life and are meaningful to you?  Please share your wisdom!

* Grey hair doesn't hurt. Neither do wrinkles.

* I'm not too awesome to wear gloves or a hat when it is cold.  Or the dorky moon boots
   that embarrass my kids.

* You can't change people and you know you're on your way to becoming a grown up when
    you have no desire to change people.

* You can't make people like you.

* It doesn't matter if people don't like you.

* Everything around you might seem to be crumbling, but God is good - ALL the time.

* Jesus Loves Me.

* Answering questions with questions is fun.

* You can't say "I love You." too often.

* You can never give too many hugs.

* No one can do everything.  Everyone can do something

* You're allowed to be angry.  You're not allowed to be mean.

* Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want to be loved, it doesn't mean
   they don't love you the best they can.

* Change is constant.

* You can never be happy if you've never been sad.

* Pick a side and stand up for it.

* Our past may have influenced who we are but we must be responsible for who we
   become and for our actions.

* We are responsible for our actions, no matter how we feel.

* Either you control your attitude or it controls you.

* Emotions make us human. Allow yourself to feel, just don't act out destructively
   in the name of emotion.

* Carelessness is the root of failure.

* Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

* Smile whenever you can and to everyone you meet.

* A random kind action might make someone's day.  Everyone has struggles
   and you can ignite a spirit of positivity in someone who is having a rough time.

* Never regret trying and falling short of a goal. The true regret is failing to try.

* Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.


  1. AH yes, the joys of being (still) 29! I love, love, LOVE your list! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. You're the BEST IB evah!
    Huggles, ~K~

  2. I needed this list today Jen. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! <3