Monday, November 21, 2011

This Week's Price Match Items AND Coupon Match-ups

Hello Friends!

  There are some great prices to be found this week in the stores.  I had another great shopping trip yesterday, full of price matching & coupons... It felt great! :)

   In case you don't know, "Price Matching" is a courtesy of Walmart.  Your Walmart store will match the price of a competitor (Local only).  You DO NOT need to bring the ad with you.  I simply go through sales flyers when I do my coupon clipping on Sundays, look for sales at great price points & write down all the info (product, size, price & the store that has the sale price).  Then I match up coupons to the items on sale (including printing any internet coupons I may need to print to get the best price) and then head to Walmart.  (Which saves having to run all over the place to 6 different stores - saves gas, saves time)  When you have your items in your cart & are ready to check out, be sure to put any non-price match items on the belt first and tell your cashier that you have some price match items.  Then organize your price match items so that you can tell the cashier the adjusted price BEFORE s/he rings up your items.  This will make it run much more smoothly.  Then when your items are all rung up, give the cashier your coupons and continue to reap the savings!  Now... on to the price matches! When I indicate that I used a coupon (with the letter Q - for the funny "kew-pon" pronunciation) - it is a coupon that has been in a recent Sunday paper or an internet printable coupon.

Andes Mints - 4.67 oz - 3 for $4. ($1.33 each)
Charmin Basic Toilet Tissue - 6 Double Rolls - $2.99
Coffee Mate Liquid - 16 oz - 2 for $3  (Q - 50 cents off 1 = $1 each) (stock up price!)
Hershey's Pot of Gold Candy - 8.7 or 10 oz - 2 for $7 (Q)
Viva Paper Towels - 6 Rolls - 2 for $9 (Q - $1 off = $3.50 each!) (stock up price!)

VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner - 15 oz - 77 cents
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - 4 oz - 2 for $3 (Q for $1 off each makes these 50 cents each!)
Folgers Coffee - 11.3 oz (small) can - 2 for $7 (Q for $1 off each makes each can $2.50)
Dean's Milk - 1 gallon - whole, 2%, 1% or skim -excludes flavored- $2.49

Butterball Whole Turkey - $1.09 / lb
Celery - 49 cents
Cranberries - 12 oz pkg - 99 cents

Dollar General (Sale until 11/23)
Oreos - 10.1 - 10.3 oz - $1.66
Charmin Basic Toilet Tissue - 16 Double Rolls - $6.50 (stock up price!)

Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese - 8 oz - $1.25 (stock up price!)

Pepsi Products - 12 pack cans - $2.50 (Grabbed a couple for Grandma & Hubby - stock up price if you drink it!)

Stove Top Stuffing - 6 oz box - 89 cents each (stock up price!)
Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes - 89 cents each (Q - peelies available on select boxes!) (Stock up price!)

7-UP, A & W, Canada Dry or Sunkist - 2 Ltr. bottle - 79 cents each (must buy 4 per Jewel Ad)
Sweet Potatoes - 29 cents/ lb

The Following items (at Jewel) are priced (as indicated below) when you buy any combination of 10 items.

Barilla Pasta -12 - 16 oz size -  75 cents (STOCK UP PRICE!!!)
Ragu Pasta Sauce - 24-26 oz size -99 cents (stock up price!)
Cool Whip 8 oz - 75 cents
Pillsbury crescents (8 oz) or cinnamon rolls (12.4 - 13.9 oz) $1.49
Kraft Chunk or Shredded cheese - 5-8 oz pkg. - $1.99
Wishbone salad dressing - 16 oz - 99 cents
No Yolk egg noodles - 12 oz bag - $1 (Q)


Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Out From Under My Rock

Hello Friends!

  I have, INDEED, been hiding under a rock for the past couple weeks!  My "extra special" guy had a nasty run in with some kind of illness and there is nothing that will derail me faster than a sick kid.  Any of the boys getting sick will do so, but toss in some migraines, some seizures and a lovely doggy who gets extremely nervous when her boy is not doing well... and, well... busy mom x infinity.

   We are on the mend, however, and very much enjoying Autumn at the (Funny) Farm.  The biggest (and incredibly enjoyable) seasonal difference being that I actually have some time to sit and enjoy some television.  I'm not a big fan of TV, but I so enjoy watching a movie, cuddling with the boys.  Last night we had some friends over for a movie night and we've got another movie night planned for this evening.  It is always refreshing to spend some simple time in fellowship with friends, and, as any mom can imagine, simply the time to sit down for a bit, put your feet up and enjoy friends is a beautiful thing.

  The other big difference that Autumn brings at the (Funny) Farm is our menu!  Mama can cook again!  It seems that all Summer long, I prepare lots of salads, lots of super-simple meals.  Granted, I have boy children and as long as I feed them, they pretty much don't care what it is, but it is so wonderful to bust out the crock pot and turn on the oven to roast some chicken and some root veggies or put on a nice big pot of soup or stew... Yes, we are all enjoying the cooler temperatures!

Also, the very busy month of October has passed.  Our busy-ness started on the 4th with a trip south to Peoria for Neurology appointments for all of the boys, it didn't stop until October 31st and that was with a couple of big cancellations in plans... still busy!  :)   But, we got through that and now... onto November's busy-ness. 

  November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.  We've got some fun activities planned here in the Quad Cities for FUNdraising for the Epilepsy Foundation.  November 14th (Monday), we've got a fundraiser going on at both Quad Cities locations of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Jonah has requested that we hit Davenport (fundraiser going on all day) for lunch and Moline (fundraiser hours from 5 PM - 10 PM) for dinner.  We shall see.  But if you are interested in going to have some great wings and help support the Quad Cities Epilepsy Foundation, please let me know so I can get you a ticket to give to your server!    Then on November 19th (Saturday) from 3-5 PM, we have a volunteer putting together a Zumba Dance fundraiser... For a minimum donation of only $5 (more is welcome!), you can take part in a (painfully long) Zumba class run by several different local instructors.  Should be fun.  I'll be donating more than $5 for the privilege of being at the registration table.  This will be happening near Port Byron, so anyone wanting to carpool from Osco, let me know, we can get a nice group together!  :)

  Have a fantastic Weekend, Friends.  Don't forget to tell those around you how much you love them.