Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$uper $avings!

Hello Friends!

   This week, there are some fantastic deals to be had!  We've had some fun on our money $aving adventures and I just want to share a few of the best deals I've stumbled upon!

  Walgreens has Febreze Noticables scent refills on sale this week.  They are 20% off their normal price. (This makes them approximately $4 instead of $5).  Then I used the $1 coupon from last Sunday's (10/2) paper from the Proctor & Gamble insert (there is also a $2 off of 2 Febreze items that you could use).  When you buy $10 in select items, you get a $3 register reward back at the end of your transaction.  So, you can get these for approximately $2 each... which is a terrific find!  I picked up several to add to the Febreze warmers I got for free last month - I plan on adding these to Christmas gift baskets.  (NOTE: Lesson learned from this sale: Last month, there was a big to-do in the couponing world about getting the Febreze warmers for free.  That was all well and good, but the warmers are no good without the very pricey refills.  My plan last month was to be patient and wait for a sale on the scent cartridges that go with the warmer.  I hoped they would go on sale before too long.  I wasn't going to pay full price (or use just the 50 cent coupon on a full price item), so patience paid off.  Knowing coupon cylces and thinking ahead prevents over-spending.  Patience, Grasshopper.  Patience.)

  Also at Walgreens:  $1.29 per bag of Ricola cough drops.  You'll need the in-ad coupon for this price.  There were Buy One (Dual Action) get one (any) Free coupons in the Sunday Papers (10/2).  Get several at this price and you'll be ready for the scratchy throats of allergy season now and the cold and flu season!

   And another from Walgreens:  Cepacol sore throat drops - on sale for $2.99.  You'll get a $3 Register Reward for this purchase.  You'll need to do a separate transaction to get more than one on this deal, and remember - if you want additional register rewards, you can NOT use your $3 register reward from a previous Cepacol transaction.  (Use your $3 RR from your Febreze transaction.)

   And... The motherlode of savings this week, another example of how stocking up and waiting for sales is a prime way to save money.  There are $8 off of 2 Cover Girl makeup products in Sunday's (10/2, P & G) paper.  I had to do several transactions (You can only use 4 of the Proctor & Gamble coupons "per shopping trip".  Some places allow you to use 4 for several transactions in one day, others, you have to use them in literally separate shopping trips, but the deal is the same even if it is split up into separate shopping trips).  In total, the retail (At Walmart) for 26 items was $107.58.  I had 13 of the coupons, $8 x 13 coupons = $104 .  So I paid $3.58 for all of that makeup.   There is also a mail in rebate available for purchasing $50 in certain P & G products, so for the price of a stamp and the time it takes to fill out the rebate form and clip proofs of purchase, this makeup will be a money maker.  (Note:  I *almost* felt guilty about this deal. Almost.  I don't normally wear makeup, so purchases for me included face powder and lip gloss.  The rest of the items will be shared - gave a bunch to Mom already and she is tickled pink!  Manufacturers are offering these high dollar coupons right now to boost sales.  I don't wear makeup, but again, I couldn't resist the deal.  Manufacturers are not only hoping for an increase in sales (which they will see this month, because of that coupon, without doubt), but are hoping to gain repeat customers. Lesson Learned from this deal:  Brand Loyalty does not save you money.  If you write to companies to get coupons, sure, you can save money once.  But always being on the lookout for items you can use (even if you're using them as gifts) is going to save you the most money.  Manufacturers put these coupons out there to use, they are not looking out for us when they put these coupons out... there is, especially with these high dollar coupons, an ulterior motive (increase sales, increase brand loyalty), be aware of those motives and you'll continue to save money!)

Happy $avings, Friends!