Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello Friends!

 So, sadly, Rogue Zahmbie Chickens was a failed blogging attempt.  Not because I wanted it to fail, but because when dealing with me, we are dealing with a sometimes very worn out, tired Mama!  The good news, however, is that things are still going exactly the same way and so I'm still sometimes very tired and worn out! Good News? Of course! I'm worn out and fatigued because my family is active and healthy and there is a whole lot of work that goes into doing things the way we do them.  With that said, I'm in a much better place now with priorities and activities (I've begun to say "no"!  Don't tell anyone!) and am committed to making this work.
 Now down to business... HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I pray for God's blessings on each of your families and each of your lives!  I hope this year sees health and contentment covering each of you!
  I'm not much of a resolution-maker.  Last year, my "resolutions" included things like "Not getting frustrated with the boys and saying "because I said so..." in response to them"... that worked for the most part, but I think the first "Because I told you to..." came out of my mouth around January 3rd or 4th. (OOPS!)  Its not something I say frequently, but sometimes....ah, yes... I'm human. Last year's other resolutions included things like eliminating red food dye (happy to say we did this and the boys consume ZERO red dye when they're with me... LOL, Daddy's not quite as on top of it as I am...) and raising and growing as much of our own food as possible. Basically, my list last year was a list of things that I was already doing and I was setting myself up for success in my resolutions.  This year, I think I will continue to do the same!  Here goes:

* In 2011, I promise to beat myself up whenever I say something stupid.

* In 2011, I promise to get angry with myself when I feel I'm falling short
   as a mother and wife, which will ultimately lead to me being frustrated and
  lashing out at a loved one.

* In 2011, I resolve that I will read into every little word people say and make
   myself slightly sick to my stomach worrying about what they think of me, my
   parenting skills, my children (and their behaivior, manners, education, etc.)

* In 2011, I resolve that I will step on toes and offend others in the course of
   my daily life.

* In 2011, I will harbor resentment and guilty feelings and not share them with those
   I love.  I will, further, allow these feelings to fester and bubble over and not
   confront or deal with the issue.

 Sounds like I can TOTALLY accomplish these things, huh? 

I hope that your resolutions are healthy and productive and not an action of self-punishment.  My "resolutions" are, obviously, actions that I am working on but still lean toward.  Let's embrace the new year as a time to be kind to ourselves.  It is too easy to fall into the same old pattern of feeling guilt, shame and anger and then allowing those feelings to take over without dealing with any of the issues in our lives that continue to make us feel negative emotions.  I am going to continue to work on dealing with issues that arise head-on and working through things so negativity doesn't keep on rearing its ugly head.  What do you need to examine in your life, what kind of self-punishment are you perpetually doling out to yourself?  It is time to let those things go and time to get on with our lives! One day at a time, one baby step at a time toward a less negative world starts with me.


  1. LOL. Me, too, I can DO these resolutions. Already off to a great start!
    Jen, I watched Oprah when I was a teenager, and once, someone on her show suggested writing yourself a letter each year on your birthday: tell yourself what you're proud of and what you want to work on this next year. So I started doing that. I think I was 15. Basically, I saved my New Year's resolutions for my birthday.
    In 2011, I will celebrate {survive?} my 30th birthday. And my gift to myself is to never again write one of those guilt-inducing self-esteem-wrenching letters.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Your resolutions are alarmingly similar to mine!