Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The One Where Jenni Brightens Up Her Kitchen

Hello Friends,

  Guess what?!?! The SUN *ALMOST* was shining for about 10 minutes today! It was *ALMOST* fantastic.   I had a helluva day but it was a better day than the last couple have been.  I made a decision about one of the boys' doctors that has been frustrating me for a while now.  I'm always concerned about hurting the feelings of others and I just have to cowgirl up that when it comes to my kids, the boys are more important than the possibility of someone's feeling being injured a little bit.  I really like this particular doctor, but the past few times we've seen him, he's really showing serious signs of possible senility.  Forgetting what I've said, acting confused... And I don't want to hurt his feelings... but my child's life is in the middle... I generally care very, very deeply about not hurting anyone, and I certainly don't want to hurt his feelings, but I think the prudent move would be to change doctors.  The other two boys see a different doctor in the same practice... It will be better to have them all seeing the same doc anyhow.  See how a little bit of bright light helped me... I was completely unable to make a SIMPLE decision (really, it is a no- brainer, right?) only yesterday.  I was upset about this just yesterday...aye!  OK... So, this is what I've done in my kitchen... I cleared off the windowsill of candles to make room for the bowl of fruit.  I took down the curtain, which was only a valance, but it was still blocking too much light.  My kitchen is a happier, brighter place and today alone, I've been in there to make pizza for lunch, navy bean and ham soup for dinner and I have a caramel praline cheesecake in the oven right now.  What a difference a little light makes.... My "new" curtain free, fruity kitchen.....

Excuse the cheesecake supplies on the island... I was in the middle of that project.  It is kind of hard to see the fruit bowls... (ha ha ha ha and Yay Yay Yay Yay) - because of the light shining in!

  So, I'm hoping and praying for a better, sunnier, happier day tomorrow... if just a little bit of bright light can make me feel this much better... I can only imagine what a little more (or a lot more) will do for me!  Shine On, Friends!


  1. Jen really cooked up a storm today. She is a natural.

    Jon Z.

  2. Jenni, so glad that the sunshine has improved your mood so much! You should take a weekend and come visit. The sun shines here more than 310 days a year. Just pointing that out :)
    LOVES, ~K~