Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Autumn Happenings

Hello Friends!

Although the calendar tells me that it is still Summer for a couple more weeks, the temperature reminds me that Autumn is quickly approaching!  This is, of course, bittersweet.  The heat of the Summer is something that won't be missed, we had several weeks of sweltering heat, and not only am I just not a fan of terribly hot weather, but with the boys having the medical conditions they do, the hottest of days here are spent inside, in the air conditioning.  BORING!  Much cooler than outside, but boredom is not something that works for us.

   Autumn brings cooler temperatures (and boys outside playing until well after dark), bonfires, putting up the Summer's harvest, preparations for Winter, the end of the camping and hiking season... so it's arrival is bittersweet, indeed. 

   Autumn also ushers in two "seasons" we look ahead to with anticipation.  The first, a mixed bag, is clearing out the house of "stuff"... I really detest STUFF.  I have a hubby who has A.D.D. and he has made great strides in adjusting to how most of the world works, but one thing I struggle with (he rather enjoys it, apparently) is the PILES OF STUFF that he leaves everywhere.  I say he suffers from F.S.S.  Flat Surface Syndrome... as in flat surfaces must be covered with stuff.  Drives me insane... like, clawing my eyes out, insane.  SO... in order to do what I can do to feel somewhat in control of the piles, I like to de-clutter a couple times a year... and the end of Summer is generally one of those times.  I don't usually have to do the traditional "Spring Cleaning" because by the very virtue of being locked in the house for the entire long, cold Winter, I've already got things de-cluttered by the time Spring rolls around.  Now, if you come to our home, do not mistake what I just said for "there is no clutter", because there is...on the flat surfaces.  I JUST put his piles into a huge covered storage tub (when he was gone last week) and his spot (read: half the table) is covered again.  Sigh.  So, I can't do anything about this (I *have* considered throwing it all away... but I figure that would be cruel...so I don't), but I *CAN* de-clutter and pass along the other items that we no longer use or need.  Usually, this means clothes that the boys have outgrown.  Since moving to the (Funny) Farm, a traditional garage sale just doesn't work... not enough traffic passing the (Funny) Farm to make it work.   But, fortunately for me, I've discovered a way to inconvenience myself  *JUST AS MUCH* as if we were having a normal garage sale!  (Awesome!)  So, all day yesterday (appropriate, on Labor Day), I was getting stuff out, taking pictures, uploading, describing...and I got 19 stinking pictures up.  And I made like $22.  Ah.... good stuff.  (It is generally more than I make in the course of a typical day, which is sad, hysterical and headache-inducing all at the same time.)  OK, so I *don't* look forward to garage sale / de-cluttering / online sale Season... BUT... we do look forward to....

   We refer to Autumn weather as "Soup Season".  We've already had a big, hot pot of chili.  Some of our other favorites include chicken and dumplings, beef barley soup, beef stew, Italian wedding soup, veggie soup... I'm making myself drool... and thinking of what I'll be making tonight for dinner.  Thinking of what I have on hand... We still have kale in the garden, so I think Italian wedding soup is the winner.  I'll bake a loaf of French bread today and yes... that will do nicely.

  What are some of YOUR favorite Autumn traditions?  Share in comments and be featured in an upcoming Life on the (Funny) Farm post!  Have a beautiful day, Friends!

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  1. Oooo, I love soup season as well! Spicy black bean stoup, clam chowder, taco soup, beef stew, chicken veggie soup, etc. Mmmm! Traditions include going to the pumpkin farm, drinking hot apple cider or tea out on the porch on a cool night (cool is relative, LOL) and watching movies all piled on the couch under a cozy blanket :) I think I could enjoy 'decluttering' season as well, in fact, I'll add that to my September month long to do list. I wish I could visit the (funny) farm again soon. Until then, I'm thinking of you and your dear family. Thanks for sharing your adventures!