Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dinner and a Movie Review: That Monkey Movie

Hello Friends! I went to see the Monkey Movie.  The only girl in my testosterone-y boy clan.  (Well, Lyla the service dog did come with us - thanks for the show of solidarity, Lyla.  Epic.)  By the time we got to the (very late) movie -we were headed to the 8:15 PM show, but with A.D.D. man (hubby) and the boys (three of 'em) we ended up stopping by the book store (closed - Detail oriented Mama could see that one coming... just sayin') and then I suggested we sneak into a fast food joint quickly to feed the boys (a rare occurrence for me to suggest fast food) and make the movie in time.  A.D.D. boy had other ideas.  First - Drive the opposite direction of what I suggested. (Awesome.) Second - suggest several different pizza places (because pizza is such a fast meal?) and settle on the one that is farthest away from the theater.  Third - let's order extra cheese pizza for the gal allergic to dairy.  Epic family outing, let me tell you.

     So, we ordered the appetizer sampler (because Mama can't do dairy) and I thought the mini corn dog (EWWWWWWW) was a jalapeno popper (or something...I just wasn't expecting a freaking corn dog) and I took a bite into that.  Awful, awful stuff.  Really.  (C'mon - you know when you're expecting to take a drink of water and you forget you have lemonade in your cup... the shock, the surprise?)  So after I got over the shock of a bite of hot dog (EWWWWWWW)...

     We quickly finished dinner and made our way to the movie (not the 8:15, but the 9:15 - spontaneous and flexible... those are my middle names.) We walked in in the middle of movie previews - which lasted for a full 15 minutes.  (Which was fine because we came in 5 minutes late - fantastic when you're moving in the testosterone clan plus a dog and the frazzled Mama into a full theater on opening weekend of a movie)  Anyhow... We got settled in and the movie started. Slowly.

     I have to admit that I am in the midst of my "forgetful season" of life.  So details escape me at times.  But this movie was not as horrible as I expected it to be.  There was a bit of medical geekery thrown in to pique my interest (although there was also a good amount of big pharma politics in there to toast my wheaties) and the story line was not terrible.  I didn't care for the name they gave the baby monkey (Please don't start in how it is an ape... really, it is all semantics.)- Cesar was just not the right name for that baby monkey.  (And yes... I do want a baby monkey right now.  I'm being honest.  I actually have been really wanting a baby for a while... probably right in the same vein.)  Anyhow... when I get a baby monkey I will not name it Cesar.  I'll name it Molly.  Even if it is a boy.  I need another girl here, so just naming it Molly and dressing her in pink frilly dresses will make me happy.  I would probably mess up a monkey much less than I would a human baby boy if I do this. So, big pharma stuff and weird monkey name aside, I thought this movie was a good commentary on the ethical treatment of animals.  Nothing really says "Be nice" better than the threat of a monkey uprise.  I (am usually not a deep thinker) also thought that even though it was the monkeys that wanted to get back to nature, that the concept is something that many folks are feeling these days.  We moved out of our suburban existence almost 4 years ago.  Moving to a rural area seemed to fill the void that I felt - the simple things are much easier to enjoy here, escaping the rat race was a good thing. (Although my hubby might disagree with me as (God Love him!) he has to make the 4 hour trip back home to assist clients a couple times a week)  The monkeys didn't want to fight.  They didn't want to bite.  They didn't want to injure, maim and kill folks... they just felt the deep need to be where they belong... home.  Isn't that what we all want?

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