Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reviving the Campaign?

Hello Friends!

  So, I hit a bump in the road for campaigning... Things are getting back to normal-ish and I'm ready to get back to pounding the pavement on my presidential bid.  So right now, with the budget stuff... I figured that I could probably take a shot (eeek - am I allowed to say "take a shot?"  is that taboo?) at cutting spending.  There are a whole lot of people who keep saying stupid things like cutting spending is just not that simple.   Uhhhh.... Really?  It IS that simple and the president is being unreasonable in his refusal to take a look at proposals being presented by conservatives.  I don't think we should raise the debt ceiling. Period.  Giving out of control spenders permission to spend more is irresponsible (and, theme of the evening - stupid)  The act of refusing to cut spending is unreasonable (and stupid).  ANY congress person refusing to cast a vote for ANY compromise is stupid.  Liberal, conservative, tea party - whatever the affiliation or party affiliation - not being open to a compromise is ridiculous (and stupid).
   So...I've found some examples of wasteful spending that I'd cut - Not sure why there would be any question to this type of thing - make the cuts.  So, the following items come from the Heritage Foundation, a gov't waste blog (Barb's Blog), and The Economic Collapse Blog websites.  So, just a sampling of things that I'd cut and prevent from happening follows.  There is a complete lack of proper management at most levels of government and I would be willing to make tough choices with dismissing employees who can't quite seem to make good choices or be responsible for their actions.  And, sorry - but if you're dismissed for corruption, mismanagement of government funds or being stupid, you don't get unemployment and you don't get a good recommendation either! (neener neener neener)  So - uh... stuff to be cut in my administration, along with examples of mismanagement that just wouldn't occur....

  • U.S. spends $2.6 MILLION on training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job (uhhhhhhh.....uhhhhhhh.....why do I care?)
  • A Government Accountability Office audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper. (including internet dating fees, mortgage payments, jewelry, liquor, lingerie, gambling, etc)
  • Security and Exchange Commission spent $3.9 MILLION to rearrange desks and offices in their Washington D.C. headquarters. (hmmmm... maybe everyone could spend 20 minutes and move their desk... grab a buddy - Go TEAM)
  • Another GAO audit revealed that 95 Pentagon Weapons Systems had a $295 BILLION cost overrun. (I'm guessing this is a computer glitch?  Let's pay a few really smart guys $1 Million each - I betcha it won't happen again and we save hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars.)
  • Government Workers' refusal to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 MILLION every year. (YAY - an easy one! You're fired.  All of you.  Or pay the upgrade out of pocket? Common Sense!)
  • Congress gave $500,000 to Alaska Airlines to paint a Chinook Salmon on the side of a plane. (just no...)
  • Washington has spent $3 BILLION re-sanding beaches.  (The new sand keeps washing out to the ocean, just like the original stuff did - darndest thing! STUPID!)
  • The Dept of Defense wasted $100 MILLION by not getting refunds for unused refundable airline tickets.  (::Headdesk::)
  • Congress has ignored efficiency recommendations from the Dept of Health and Human Services that would save $9 BILLION per year.
  • The National Institutes of Health spend $1.3 MILLION per month on a lab that it can't use.
  • Congress spent $2.4 BILLION on 10 planes that the Pentagon insists it doesn't need and can't use.
  • Conservation Reserve Program pays farmers $2 BILLION per year to farmers to not farm their land.
  • NIH spent $442,340 to study the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam.
  • $1.8 MILLION to a museum of Neon Signs in Las Vegas.
  • $35 MILLION paid by Medicare to fake Medical Clinics
  • U.S. Census Bureau paid $2.5 MILLION for a commercial that aired during Super Bowl.  That commercial was so poorly produced that virtually none of the viewers understood the meaning of it.
  • NIH was given $800,000 in 'stimulus funds' to study the "impact of a 'genital-washing program' on men in South Africa".
  • Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn identified more than $3 BILLION of mismanaged funds by the National Science Foundation - including almost $560,000 to test the metabolism of sick shrimp.
So, just a small sampling of waste that can be completely cut out of a government's budget.  I don't think any of us really care or would find any of this to count as necessary expenditures.   Common Sense needs to be brought to the forefront and be used liberally.  There is not nearly enough common sense being used in any level of government.  I think there is plenty of money to go around if we start cutting out things that are unnecessary. 
   Now, it should be said clearly that it is probably pretty well known that I am not a Committee kind of a gal.  If you elect me to be your Leader, you're going to have to assume that I'm going to call people out on stupidity.  People are going to be called on their actions and accountability of individuals will be a vital part of getting this country on track.  I'm not going to be giving money to other countries for no reason.  If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't happen.  This country will have a strong defense, but I am not going to allow continued U.S.-centric policing of other countries.  I will not put our servicemen and women in harm's way for any longer... for wars that are questionable at best. 
  So, count this as my vote for Cut, Cap, Balance.    I guess I'm just not part of the 80% of Americans who "agree" with Obama's actions.  I have friends who are on the liberal side, and to them, I say this: I am not bashing liberals.  I think everyone is allowed to have their opinions.  Goodness knows I have mine.  The bottom line is this:  What he's doing is not working. Period.  To keep things fair - I'm not a fan of W either.  I don't think this country is being served well by having a system that allows only the wealthy to run for office.  There are a lot of folks who don't have the hefty bank accounts to finance a presidential run, or even a run for congress... but I do think that we'd be infinitely better represented by a group of people who get the concept of living on a budget and living within one's means.
   So, that's that.  CUT EXPENSES. Period.

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  1. I heard the other day that Americans spend more on porn than on foreign aid. Find a way to tap into that money and we'd have the budget balanced in no time :) You know you have my vote! Need help bringing common sense back to being common or calling people stupid? I'm your gal! Hugs to you, and enjoy the campaign trail!
    Blessings, Your IBIB