Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Melting.... melting!

Hello Friends!

  It is hot, hot, hot out there!  I managed to get out of the house today for a little bit - dropped my dad (Papa) off fishing and ran to the pharmacy to pick up the boys' meds for the month.  Got a few things from Walgreen's - 2 deodorants, 3 dish detergents and a bottle of shampoo for $6.  ($10 under retail - just sayin')  We're working on stocking up on items - with the recent news that  groceries are going to be going up again, I'm re-dedicating my efforts toward getting food put up.

   In the past few weeks, we've managed to stock up on paper towel (which will last a long time because I use re-usable when I can, but there are some messes I just don't want to clean up twice!), toilet paper, dish detergent, laundry detergent, fabric softener, deodorant and body wash.  All on sale, coupled with coupons and often times with either additional store coupons or rebates.  Overall, we saved over 70% by watching those sales and combining sales with coupon savings. I've got a few more coupons I need to use before the end of the month, will be about 20 bars of soap for free.  That should last a while! :)

  Anyway... back to the heat!  When I was coming home from town this morning, the temperature was 102*.  That was before noon.  In the shade.  Without heat index figured in. (I'm mellllllting!)  So, we are inside, on Mom-imposed, heat - induced house arrest.  And yes, I did already get a round of  "But YOU got to go out today... YOU got to go to the store. YOU didn't take us with you."... in surround sound.  There are endless games of Wii baseball happening, along with Mario Kart (weeeeeeee).  So far, the arguing has been minimal.  We're changing things up every so often... cartoons, board games, lunch, wii..... ugh.  I'm really needing the heat to just go away.  I figure I'm allowed to complain... I mean, we're in northern Illinois... If I live in the deep South, I'm not allowed to complain about heat.  If I live in the North Woods, I can't complain about snow... If I live in California, I can't complain about mudslides or earthquakes... I live in IL... other than not having mudslides and only the occasional, minor earth rumble... we kind of get everything... so I can complain... right?  Not doing too much complaining, though... Its been a mild Summer so far, been hot, but not too hot (until now... just sayin').   Soon, the heat will pass and we'll be begging for warm weather. 

 Right now, however, I just got word that new life has arrived on the (Funny) Farm.  Pictures to come, I'm sure... Going to go out to check if reports are correct.  Report is that Alice has given birth to kittens.  Alice arrived at the (Funny) Farm a few months back, we think she was dumped along the road because we'd never seen her before... anyhow... here I go to check and make sure Mama Kitty has water.

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