Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The One With ALL THAT SNOW !!!

Hello Friends,
  Its been a few days, we've been keeping busy on the (Funny) Farm!  Not that we're not always kind of busy, but you might have heard about a little blizzard that made it's way through the Midwest and North.  Yeah.  It was AWE-SOME!  I can say that because we did not lose power... which, in and of itself is some kind of act of  God.  For real... if the wind blows here, power goes out.  Once, the dog sneezed (the LITTLE DOG) and it went out.  Seriously... we are on a VERY old grid, so we are used to the power being off for, at a minimum, several hours at a time.  So, we sure did prepare for the power to go out - when we heard that we would be getting hit, we got the wood in and stacked, got the sleeping bags in the basement by the fireplace, set up a cozy little area where we could all stay nice and warm and "weather" the storm.  (Get it... HA HA HA...ahhhhh I do crack myself up.)

 In the past several days, I've also been dealing with physical pain... OUCH!  I have sciatica and am having a flare up of that condition and last night was so bad... it was just bad.  It was bliss when I finally fell asleep - just to be rid of the pain.  A friend of mine recommended tart cherry juice - her husband was injured in an accident years ago and swears by the stuff... so I picked some up. It isn't cheap, but I found a small bottle for about $8 (Didn't want to drop $20 on juice, even if it is really good juice, if it wasn't going to help), and started taking it.  I do have to dilute it a bit more than it says because it is pretty sour, but a little more water and I can get it down.  So... get this... I got the bottle on Saturday night and started with a dose a day that evening.  I took it every day and pain wasn't noticeably better, but it wasn't any worse...until last night - and I realized this morning that I didn't drink any of the juice yesterday! So, it might just be helping some.  I thought that was worth mentioning because anything natural that helps is better than medications, which even if I wanted to take, upset my stomach horribly and I end up with pain AND being sick to my stomach... So I try to go the natural route any time I can.  Also, I've been using an arnica gel on my old, arthritic knees (as well as my back) and just today, I felt a difference after I used it... so, as with most natural remedies, give it some time to work, it is not going to work like a drug does.

 Upcoming, possibly even today, and later on in the week as well, in my blogging plans: emergency preparedness, emergency first aid kit supplies and building a stockpile of food and other necessities on a budget.  I'm sure there'll be some recipes thrown in for good measure.  It is hard to post some recipes, because, as with our dinner last night, Chicken and Dumplings (oooohhhhhhh soooooo goooood), I don't really have a recipe for the dumplings, I just make them and depending on the humidity, it might take 5 eggs and half a cup of milk or 8 eggs and  1 cup of milk... and My GOODNESS.... I can't even estimate the amount of flour and salt... I just eyeball it.  But it was good.  Nice, warming comfort food when there was a raging blizzard outside the comfort of our cozy home.

And now, without further ado... some really stinkin' cute and funny pictures of the snow and our activities outside today.   Sending you my warmest wishes, and prayers for comfort, peace and health. ♥

Daniel in a large snow drift.

This is the road in front of our house! LOL - CRAZY!!!

This is my father (Papa) falling from the playset.
He was not injured and after we stopped
laughing, we did help him get up.

This is Papa jumping on purpose.  He really
should know better at his age.

And this is my Daniel jumping... I would
think he should know better... but
he is a boy, so apparently not.

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